Party update

o.k. – so the party is free BUT you need a ticket to get in…just email us and we can send you one, or how ever many you need.


address: 604 e.6th St. (above emos)

doors: 7:30pm

bands: Zykos
Faceless Werewolves
Adreon Henry(dj)

the first 70 people who show up get free tickets to the Young Heart Attack/Scorpion Child gig downstairs, in the emos lounge.

one decade party

the bubble brain trust had a meeting yesterday and we decided two things (1)we rule (2)we like to party. So that being said we are throwing ourselves a 10th anniversary party!!!

We already got us some bands lined up, the Faceless Werewolves and Zykos are slated to rock hard. And in between the rocking will be more rocking with things spun by Adreon Henry of Single Frame.

Anyone is welcome. There will be drinks(2 free) food and cake. And if you show up early you might get some free bubble garb(no not studio time). Feb. 29 is the day it goes down(it’s a leap year), between 7:30 and 10:30.

And then the after party is downstairs, at emos lounge, with the music stylings of Young Heart Attack and Scorpion Child. rad.

we hope you can come!!!

email us for all the info…

nubs u

Le’ Bubble