thank jebus it’s over

sxsw had us working it girl. we did a bubble mobile recording for the Domino Records showcase with the Kills and These New Puritans. Then took it back to bubble home base and mixed it up. It was crazy/fun/crazy.

now Electric Touch for a few days then we fall head first into wiring for the Neotek and Lynx’s.

party on

team bubble

p.s. wtf. we rented an Alesis HD-24 for the mobile recording. After some research, I guess these things can just pop out of record, wtf! Why would you make a box for recording that can just “pop” out of record. pretty lame. and quess what, during the 1st band, the fracking thing came out of record.

ALSO the hard drive caddies are pretty questionable. I dunno about this thing.


it’s almost here. that means our new console will be here soon. yay.

who’s in the studio? Gary Clark jr. just finished mixing a couple trax.

u r awesome

last nights bash was a bash. thanks everybody for all the support thru the years.

now it’s back to “business” as usual. and getting ready to install our new toys(console/converters)

team bubble