built from the ground up our mastering studio offers a fine balance of analog and digital equipment to give your songs the service and attention to detail they deserve.

bubble high res edit-0405-1

Lavry Blue 4496
Cranesong Avocet
Chandler Curve Bender eq
Weiss DS1-MKII
Crane Song STC-8
Waves L2 hardware
MCI JH110 1/4″ tape machine – rebuilt and modded by Mara Machines
Harbeth monitoring
Bryston 4B

What is mastering is something we get asked often. Its a multi step process of taking your final mixes and preparing them for duplication/itunes/web players.

This includes:
-sequence the separate songs/tracks as they will appear on the final release
-Adjust the length of the silence between songs
-Process or “sweeten” audio to maximize the sound quality for the intended medium (e.g. applying specific EQ for vinyl)
-the track markers must be inserted along with International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) and other information necessary to replicate a CD. Vinyl LP and cassettes have their own pre-duplication requirements for a finished master.

contact us with any question and for rates.


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