* practice

* you will need to bring your own hard drive. 2 is even better. backup the backup. we can help you if you need help. just ask.

* do I need to bring my own cds? Yes and No. We will have CD’s BUT we will charge you $2.00 a cd. You can always bring your own in.

* it is generally a good idea to have fresh heads on the drums, new to newish strings on the guitars.

* when was the last time that guitar went into the doctor? Maybe a good time to have it checked out(setup)before you spend all your food money on studio time. And don’t forget about guitars best friend Amp. He might need some love also.

* probably all yer friends and friends friends don’t need to watch you play the same part over and over. things usually go faster when you don’t have to entertain the posse.

* is there a Bubble payment plan? Um maybe, we can talk about it for sure.

* is computer boy really a robot? like C3pO? hmm…well some people might say that he’s part computer part human. all we know for sure is that he drinks a lot of coffee and does not like meat.

* practice

* apply common sense

* if you have and questions please ask us. we are more than happy to help.